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Welcome to my blog!

Personal & Business Finances, People management, communication & more....

Why start a blog?

I have always been passionate about writing & speaking. While I speak in front of people quite often, I rarely find the confidence to post my writings. It has constantly taunted me that it might just not be enough. However, of recent times, I have had multiple people telling me that they are in awe of my communication skills and that has given me enough confidence to finally start my very own blog.

Who am I?

I am Vaijayanthi Bharadwaj. I am 24 years old and have a full time job in accounts. I am currently pursuing my MBA in Business Management and already have an undergraduate in Accounting & Finance. I am passionate about multiple topics and would be featuring it all here. I have extensive knowledge in customer management, people management, effective working methods and breaking communication barriers. I also impart knowledge on personal finance and business finance. I have worked in multiple companies over the years and have learnt new things everywhere. I love reading, listening to music and also make time to watch series. I love to talk and would most probably lead the conversation if we make any.

This is my beginning of this chapter

AIs have taken over the writing world as of now. I find my colleagues and friends turning to AI for content. However, I wish to retain what little writing skills I already possess and improve more on that. As always, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are the methods to improve any language and our communication through it. I will be doing this to maintain my language skills and impart knowledge along the way.

Here's to us!

I have always had the constant support of my friends and family. Hope to get more through this medium as well!

Happy reading!


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