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A break in our expectations

I promise that you'll never find another like me!

Seems boastful, if I should say so myself.

I was listening to Taylor Swift (for people who dont know, really?) and this particular line got me thinking and pushed me back to my blog.

I personally think it to be true. You can never find a person who is exactly like you. My mom always says "No two fingers are the same" when I argue about something (or someone). It makes me roll my eyes that I cant find fault with that.

We all do that. We expect the opposite person to do what we would have done in that situation. But we are all not the same.

You might be thinking, why I am preaching about this in my professional blog.

In our work environment, we expect the same thing. We expect our managers to fight for us. We expect our colleagues to stand by us. We expect our subordinates to be extraordinarily supportive of us. It might happen in the perfect world. But nothing is perfect in this world.

Everybody is different. They have different sensitive levels and limits. Not everyone reacts the same way to your words. We all have different perceptions.

This is something we all might need to ingrain in us.

Have you heard of "Always think about the battle of the person opposite to you"??

I have heard this enough times. I believe that it is simply impossible to think about it at that point when your emotions and frustrations are running high.

You are also fighting a battle. All of us are. Our own big battles. It doesn't have to be a family issue or your work pressure. It might simply be to finish that task and reach home early.

I would appeal to the understanding part of us all to simply let it go. After all is said and done, move on without grudges and still be able to collaborate with them.

We all have our ways. We are already experts in this. We do it everyday with our family or extended family. We can do it in our workplace as well.

Thanks for your time today!

Change starts with you.




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